Sotapitcher Stone Arch

For years, people have commemorated the state of Minnesota in a variety of creative and unique ways – but something’s missing. If you look at the shape of Minnesota, you will see that it shares many of the same characteristics as a pitcher – a flat bottom, a pointed spout – simply add a handle to the west border and you have a pitcher or better yet, a multi-purpose mug!

Sotapitcher celebrates Minnesota by offering beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind drinkware shaped just like the state of Minnesota. After working for months developing prototypes and refining our design, we have partnered with the iconic Red Wing Pottery & Stoneware, to bring our products to market.

Sotapitcher products come in various sizes and are microwave & dishwasher safe.


What is the Sotapitcher?

Check out our Kickstarter video for more information on our vision and how you can use the Sotapitcher!

Use the Sotapitcher to:


Enjoy your favorite Minnesota craft brew









Pour gravy or syrup


Enjoy a large coffee









Decorate your home

Evolution of the Sotapitcher

Although the idea for the Sotapitcher came in July 2013, the product did not gain traction until Start Up Weekend Twin Cities 5. Over that weekend, local Minnesota entrepreneurs came together to share ideas and build products in one weekend. The team that formed around the Sotapitcher was instrumental in bringing out ideas, creating working prototypes, and setting the course for the development of the Sotapitcher.


Startup Weekend Twin Cities Team Members: (Left to Right) TOP: Eric Darling, Zach Meierhofer, Ryan Nelson, Eric Menze, Doug Thorpe BOTTOM: Matt McVeigh, Kyle Ronning

Creating 3D initial Designs

Creating 3D initial Designs


Using Makerbot 3D Printer to make Prototypes

Using Makerbot 3D Printer to make Prototypes

Initial 3D Printing Prototying

Initial 3D Printing Prototying

Laser cut cardboard pitcher and hand cut cardboard stein.

Laser cut cardboard pitcher and hand cut cardboard stein.


Since 1877, Red Wing Pottery & Stoneware has been a premiere ceramics maker.  With a reputation for quality and excellence, Red Wing products are sought after and highly collectible. With their deep- rooted Minnesota history, having made everything from the “Little Brown Jug” to “home plates” for the 1965 All Star Game, we are uniquely positioned to introduce the Sotapitcher to Minnesotans everywhere.